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Finn Hall
at Saint Mary's
Fourth Annual
Taste of the Northeast
  Saturday, September 27th,
from 6pm - 8pm

Come and enjoy an afternoon and evening of live music, a variety of delicious food and vendors.  An event for the whole family!

For more information:
Saint Mary's Taste of the Northeast

St. Mary's Orthodox Cathedral
1701 Fifth Street Northeast Minneapolis MN 55413

Finn Hall is an award-winning group of musicians dedicated to preserving the feel and sounds of historic Finnish-American dance halls of the last century. pictures

Based in Minneapolis, we recreate this experience for local dancers, offering waltz, polka, schottische, mazurka, tango, humppa and other dances. We perform in concert settings as well, adding listening selections. We also tour internationally whenever possible.

Listen to Music from Tule Tanssimaan! /Come Dance!________________ Köyhäjoki valssi
Ellin polkka
Midnattsol över Pajala 
Liisa tango

YouTube Videos____________
Ishpeming, MI dance Feb 07
Duluth, MN May 07
Tucson, AZ November, 2012

Kramarczuk's, April, 2013


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